About Us

Welcome to MAJESTIC SIX® print on demand online clothing store. We are based in the UK and brings to you our unique catalogue filled with some of the hottest new Brands and Designs to hit the Urban Apparel scene. ONE STORE - SIX BRANDS - SIX TIMES THE URBAN WEAR PLEASURE TO TREASURE! Alongside MAJESTIC SIX® (MJ's G.O.A.T.) are affiliate brands like FOREVER TRENDING®, YHARD®, BIG GAME ASSASSIN®, JAMURBAN® and L.O.A.™️ (LOVE ONE ANOTHER). The Urban wear landscape has now changed forever. MAJESTIC SIX® online clothing store, "STREETWEAR G.O.A.T. STATUS IS WHAT MOTIVATE US!"
Our ultimate goal goes way beyond the brands, the styles created or making people look and feel good about wearing our products. We are UK based with Jamaican roots and we want to build a strong reputation that will allow us to be able to make a difference. Giving back is important to us. However, we are very much mindful that we go as far as you (our customers) take us. We truly appreciate and value your support as we embark on this journey and we hope that you'll love and enjoy wearing our products, as much as we've loved bringing them to you. 
Thank you,

If you have any queries, comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at: info@majesticsix.com